Field Equipment

Altex is proud of our rigorous formal Employee Training Program and of our in-house certification system that ensures our equipment is operated in the safest and most efficient manner whether it is at our fabrication site or on your field site. Our commitment is to make Altex your best choice for all your Heat Exchanger requirements. Our team has the ability and commitment to get the job done safely and right, the first time, every time.

-Crane lift manual bundle grapples up to with a capacity of 30,000 pound / 40 inch diameter and 55,000 pound / 60 inch diameter.

-Hydraulic Aerial Bundle pullers with the capability to pull/push bundles weighing up to 120,000 pounds.

-Truck Mounted Bundle Pullers with the capability to pull/push bundles up to 44,000 pounds and a diameter of 78 inches.

-Fixed [stationary] pullers for tight access locations.

-Self-propelled bundle pullers with a capacity of 20,000 pounds in aerial puller mode and 50,000 pounds when on the chassis. This puller is specifically designed for locations with overhead obstruction issues.

-Crane lift radio controlled bundle grapple for lifts up to 70,000 pound. capacity.

-Bundle handling wash and transfer trailers with a capacity of 70,000 pound. This equipment is capable of rotating the loaded bundle in order to provide 360 degree access for washing or maintenance.

-Large inventory of bolt torqueing and tensioning equipment.

-Extensive inventory of portable welding equipment and tooling to support field activities.

Shutdowns & Maintenance Field Equipment Bundle Handling

24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year emergency support.