Safety Is Everything

Work Safe. Home Safe.

Altex Industries Inc. is committed to protecting the health and safety of all stakeholders in our operations. This commitment extends to the public and the environment. Our leadership is committed to continuously improving our processes, technology, and resources, to manage safety and minimize risk.

Health and Safety is a shared responsibility of everyone at Altex – shop and field workers, supervisors, office staff, management, contractors, customers, and visitors. Incidents can be prevented, and everyone is obligated to take reasonable care to protect the health and safety of themselves and others.

Work Safe. Home Safe-section

Our Safety Procedure


Safety Task List

For normal operations, a task list for each job (position, or group) is used to identify activities that may pose a risk to people, the environment, or equipment. This is maintained and updated as needed.


Risk Assessments

These are performed for all activities that are unusual, higher risk, high value, and/or are outside our regular daily tasks.

Safety FAQs

What is your TRIR?

Dependant on hours vs recordable incidents – available upon request as per Jim Lepp

Where is the Muster Points Located?

South end of 42 st or in parking lot of Field house for all operation north of 69 ave.

What is the signal for an evacuation?

Out building like the commercial bldg.3 blasts on a claxon horn Main shop and office is the electronic audible alarm

Who is our emergency Contact?

Jim Lepp or Sonya Brake

Do we require a site orientation?

Yes, Lynda at reception for visitors and through Supply Chain for contractors

What are the PPE requirements?

Addressed in the site orientations

Can we take pictures?

Only after approval from the President or a VP.

Are your cranes certified and what capacity are they?

Up to 150k lbs on the heavy lift side and inspected annually by a certified technician.

Where are your workers treated for injuries?

For minor injuries at Medi Centers that are certified Occupational Injury Service Clinics that work in conjunction with WCB, All serious injuries are taken to Emergency.

Do your workers have First Aid Training

Some do but all Supervisors and foreman are trained in Standard First Aid / AED.

Is your Pandemic Plan up to date?

Yes, our pandemic response plan is up to date and is reviewed and revised as needed to align with the changing dynamic of Covid19 – Kept with the HR Department.

Does Altex have a Joint Health and Safety Committee?

Yes, our committee has been fully functional since 2018 when the legislation was introduced.

Together, we will keep our family safe – at work, and at home.

Our policies, procedures, and PPE, demonstrate Altex Industries’ continuous commitment to the Health and Safety of our workplace.