Air-Cooler Bundles

Have it your way – replacement-in-kind or upgraded!

Altex can build you a replacement air-cooler (aerial fin-tube) bundle matching original equipment manufacturer drawings.

Or maybe the original design is not meeting your needs – we can upgrade the design to:

  • Increase cooling capacity for flows, temperatures, and/or duty
  • Upgrade metallurgy
  • Solve performance issues – fouling, corrosion, freezing
  • Re-rate design temperature and pressures

Re-tubing air-cooler bundles is a great alternative if you have the time! This can be performed economically in our shop or via our field service team.

Altex has built and repaired hundreds of air-cooled bundles over the past 20 years in our two divisions – shop fabrication and field services.  Additionally, we can provide the spare parts needed to keep your coolers running:

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Design and Construction:

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Materials of Construction:

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