Sulphur Condensers

It doesn’t matter how you spell it, sulphur or sulfur, we’ll make it condense!

Modern sulphur trains typically have five (5) sulphur condensers with four (4) reheater exchangers in between stages.

The Claus Process

Sulphur Condensers are a special category of shell & tube heat exchangers and are used in Sulphur Recovery Units (SRU) in refinery or gas plants.The Claus Process (Reaction) occurs to strip out and convert hydrogen-sulphide into elemental sulphur, greatly reducing the environmental, safety, and material hazards associated with H2S.


Sulphur Condenser-CTA-section

Altex designs and fabricate Sulphur Condensers to ASME VIII-Div.1 and ASME I Codes, utilizing UHX or FEA for tubesheet design.

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Scope of Supply:


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Engineering & Design:

Explore our Design Guide for Sulphur Condensers, offering essential technical insights and considerations.