Quality Control

The Quality Control Department at Altex Industries is responsible to finding and eliminating sources of quality issues via documented processes, equipment, and experience. Our Quality Control and Assurance Program is process orientated with planned systematic activities per the Altex Quality Control Manual. Our QC/QA program is registered with ABSA and is certified to ASME U, S, and National Board NB and R stamps. 

QA/QC Process



Specify the requirements of the product and/or service.



Ensure that all requirements are being met and monitored.



Verify, identify, and correct, any quality issues that arise prior to releasing the final product.



Identify opportunities for process improvement to improve overall quality in the future.

Altex Quality Is In MY Control

Non-Destructive Examination and Testing (NDE & NDT)

Current QC Staff

Quality Control FAQ's

Do you have CWB level 2 techs on staff?

Yes, we currently have 3 CWB level and are working to get more Certified.

What procedures do have? (Do you have hydro procedure, PWHT procedure, etc.)

Yes, Altex has a variety of procedures in relation to the work that is performed, available upon request.

Are calibration records/ logs available?

Yes, all calibration records are available and are added to job files as applicable.

How do welders get instruction/ verify weld procedure?

Welders are given instruction by the supervisor and all weld procedure are available for review in the formen or QC offices.

How in Material/ Consumables controlled?

Material is controlled as per Altex QC manual. All material markings, MTRs and are to be verified during receiving and releasing and traceability to be maintained through out the

fabrication process.

Can we get 48hrs notice for inspection (what is the schedule/planning)?

We do the best we can in planning/coordinating inspections with the progress in the shop. There is times were 48hrs notice can not be given due to schedule delays and unforeseen situations.

How are drawing/documents controlled?

Documents are controlled as per QC manual, a log is kept of all documents that are received and sent through our document control.

Are ITPs progressively signed off?

Yes, we are to sign the ITP as the job progresses, certain items can not be signed till all information pertaining to the item is retrieved a put in the Job file. i.e MTRs, welder qualifications.

Is a punch list utilized for outstanding/ open items that need to be addressed?

We have punch list developed that is to be used for outstanding items. This one thing that we need to use more consistently it is sometimes missed and not used.

How are non‐conformances handled?

NCR are handled as per QC manual, once an NCR is issued it is to be logged and a Corrective action report(if applicable) is to be done completed. All NCRs are then review with SR.management during a Quarterly review.

When will final documentation/ turnover be provided after completion?

Final packages are typically ready after we receive as‐builts ready weeks after shipment, depending on the workload/backlog.

Who will be the contact for inspections?

The main contact for inspections is typically one of our QC examiners during the day which is assigned to the project.

Are welder qualifications/continuity up to date?

Yes, these qualifications/continuities are kept up to date by our welding examiner.

Who are your sub‐contractors, have you reviewed their procedures, have they been approved, what is the procedure for approval?

We use several sub‐contractors, and all NDE procedures are reviewed regularly and as changes occur to the codes and standards. Other suppliers are audited by SCM and QC when applicable and our internal review procedure is followed.

We believe that quality is not just the responsibility of the Quality Control department – it is everyone’s responsibility at Altex Industries.