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Case Studies

Case Studies

Why is our shop currently full of baffles that look like pieces of pie, and what are we going to do with them? Helixchangers are a special heat exchanger design with helical baffle design that we license from Lummus Technology.  Altex was the first licensee in Canada back in 2004, and

Air-cooled heat exchangers, aka air-coolers (or fin-fan by the Americans), are essentially giant radiators and are used in industry to cool hot process fluids using ambient air temperature – not unlike blowing on hot soup.  The greatest demand for air-coolers is during the summer wh

In the oil & gas industry, nozzles are the connections on heat exchangers and pressure-vessels which allow the process to flow in and out. They can also be used for venting, draining, inspection, instrumentation, and other things.  Nozzles are defined by their size, flange rating,

Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers, aka Air-Coolers, are not actually cooling the air. They function like giant radiators taking heat from a process fluid and transferring it into the air. Air-coolers typically consist of a structure, tube-bundle, fan(s), motor(s), and accessories like platforms w