Waste Heat Boilers

Big and Ugly

Waste Heat Boilers are a critical component in Waste Heat Recovery Systems and must be suitable to resist inlet gas temperatures exceeding 2600°F. Refractory lining and tubesheet design are critical in ensuring metal temperatures and stresses do not exceed Code and design limits for Waste Heat Boilers.

Altex designs and fabricates Waste Heat Boilers to ASME VIII-Div.1 and ASME I Codes. FEA can be used in some cases for non-UHX tubesheet design, complicated geometries, and extreme temperature gradients.


Above 2-pass Waste Heat Boiler w/ integral Steam Drum is 14.75-ft wide x 35.5-ft long x 22.1-ft high and weighs 164-tons empty.

Waste Heat Boilers

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Waste Heat Boiler Brick Refractory with Tube Ferrules