Waste Heat Boilers

Big and Ugly

Waste Heat Boilers are a critical component in Waste Heat Recovery Systems and must be suitable to resist inlet gas temperatures exceeding 2600°F. Refractory lining and tubesheet design are critical in ensuring metal temperatures and stresses do not exceed Code and design limits.

Altex designs and fabricate Waste Heat Boilers to ASME VIII-Div.1 and ASME I Codes. FEA can be used in some cases for non-UHX tubesheet design, complicated geometries, and extreme temperature gradients.


Above 2-pass Waste Heat Boiler w/ integral Steam Drum is 14.75-ft wide x 35.5-ft long x 22.1-ft high and weighs 164-tons empty.

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Waste Heat Boiler Brick Refractory with Tube Ferrules