Winterized Air Coolers

Suffering from frozen air-cooler bundles?

This is a common problem in our northern climate, and one that is not fully understood and appreciated by aerial cooler manufacturers outside Canada.  

Altex can offer custom engineered & built winterized designs that utilizes air-recirculation and/or other strategies to ensure safe and proper operation during the coldest winter nights. 

Alternatively, Altex can help troubleshoot and solve your freezing issues that could be caused by poor design, operational errors, changing process conditions, or some combination thereof.  

Warm Air Recirculation

Winterization (warm-air recirculation) use a duct system with automatic louvers to reuse warm air and prevent freezing of process fluids. Freezing can occur with water or hydrates in gas, but it can also occur in viscous liquids with high pour points.  

We can achieve process turndowns as low as 5% in cold weather climates by leveraging Altex experience with the clever application of technologies.  

Warm Air Recirculation

Altex air-coolers comply with API 661 and ASME VIII-Div.1 at minimum, and we incorporate customer specifications and requirements as needed.

Cooler Bays Side by Side

Altex Air Cooled Heat Exchangers with Winterization may include: