Bundle Handling and Field Equipment

It’s not just the bundle pulling, it’s bundle handling!

Altex has more bundle pulling equipment than anyone else in Canada and we can handle big and heavy bundles up to 140,000 lbs with our in-house fleet.

Altex Bundle Pulling Fleet:

bundle-puller with bogie-blocks -section
Bundle handling-section

Bundle handling can be challenging due to limited access, odd geometries, heavy weights, or a combination thereof. Altex designs and builds our own bundle handling equipment to improve safety and performance based on the experience of our field crews.

Altex’s patented Bundle Grapples are a fool-proof solution to safely handling bundles, reducing labour costs, and eliminating damage caused by slings.  With our unique Bundle Grapples, a single worker can load or unload a 70,000 lb tube bundle in under five minutes. Grapples are self-powered and can be operated via radio control or manually, and are carried by crane or forklift.

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Altex Bundle Trailer-section

We can directly transfer bundles from our Truck Mounted Bundle Pullers to the Altex Bundle Trailer and complete washing and maintenance without needing a single crane. In addition to being able to move a 70,000 pound bundle anywhere on site, the Bundle Trailer rotates bundles 360° for cleaning and access.