Forced Draft Air Cooler & Heat Exchangers

Your process requirements are unique – shouldn’t your air-cooled heat exchanger be unique too?

We don’t build catalogue air-cooled heat exchangers, we build your coolers to your specifications. 100% custom engineered and fabricated to meet your specifications and local requirements. No compromises.

Altex Industries offers complete new air-cooled heat exchanger design and fabrication per ASME VIII-1 and API 661. Recirculation (winterization) is available as needed.

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Economy of scale – we build big!  Given our Edmonton location and immediate access to the high-load corridor in Alberta, we maximize bay size and minimize bay quantity. We can also combine multiple services into a shared bay. This equates to lower capital and operating costs.

Engineering, design, project management, fabrication, assembly, and testing – everything is performed in-house at Altex Industries at our Edmonton facility.

Various accessories can be added to our air coolers for air cooled exchangers:

Do you have a challenging application

Do you have a challenging application?

We offer solutions for:

In-House Engineering Software:

In-House Engineering Software
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Design and Construction:

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Materials of Construction
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Industries Served: