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Industry Standards

Altex Industries engineers and fabricates shell & tube and air-cooled heat exchangers in accordance with ASME Code, TEMA, API, NACE, and other industry standards.

ABSA Certificate of Authorization Permits (Construction, Repair, Alteration) for:

We have designed, built, and registered heat exchangers with Canadian CRNs for most Canadian provinces and territories:

Altex Industries is registered and active with industry safety programs such as:

Altex Warranty & Performance Guarantee

Altex Industries guarantees the performance of our work for eighteen (18) months from shipment (or offer to ship), or twelve (12) months after start-up, whichever occurs first.

Warranty scope is defined per TEMA G-5 and covers:

  • Mechanical design.
  • Thermal design, including against damage inducing vibration.
  • Material and workmanship.

If repairs or replacement work is performed under warranty by Altex, the duration of warranty will be extended by twelve (12) months for the affected component(s).

This warranty does not cover damages or failure due to:  

  1. Material selection not being suitable for process/service.
  2. Cyclic or severe service not defined during bid and job stage.
  3. Corrosion or erosion.
  4. Operating outside the design parameter of thermal or mechanical data sheets.
  5. Repair work performed on the exchanger by others.

Buyer agrees contact Altex within 48 hours of discovering defect and allowing Altex 72 hours to respond before contracting repairs to a third party. Altex is not responsible for third party costs without prior agreement.

Warranty does not cover costs associated with disassembly, cranage, shipping, or reassembly.

Warranty is non-transferable.