Supply Chain

It’s a big world out there!

Global sourcing and strong supplier relationships are more critical than ever to ensure project success – for schedule, technical requirements, and pricing.

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Below are five (5) ways Altex Supply Chain ensures we are able to source the right materials at the right time.

Altex Supply Chain Team

Our Process


Vendor Management

We source materials globally to meet our customer’s stringent requirements such as quality, chemistry, country of origin, schedule, and other factors. Suppliers are qualified via our extensive Vendor Audit process which is documented and aligned to our Quality Control Manual. In-person audits are required for new suppliers, high-value, and/or high-risk purchases. We consider suppliers to be partners in the success of our projects, and we seek to establish repeat business and long-term relationships with them.


Purchasing and Requisitions

Altex Supply Chain procurement responsibilities are divided into two streams – project specific and requisition based. Engineered-to-order shop fabrication jobs are purchased via a Bill of Material (BOM) created by our Engineering group. Field Services jobs use Mobilization Lists for purchasing activities. In both instances, we draw from our extensive qualified Supplier and Subcontractor database to award work to companies that can best support the specific scope of work. To improve productivity, every Altex employee has access to our requisition system and can request purchases within an approval process.


Inventory and Spare Parts

There are a lot of moving parts in our projects, and Altex SCM is responsible for managing an extensive inventory of materials, equipment, and tooling. We stock common heat exchanger tubing grades and have an inventory of plate and forgings to draw upon for emergencies. Given our mission statement, Life Cycle for Heat Transfer Equipment, we also provide our customers with spare parts such as gaskets, bolting, header plugs, taper plugs, fans, motors, louvres, lamiflex style seal strips, etc.


Warehousing and Tool Cribs

To mobilize 500-person field crews and support big turnaround projects it takes a BIG team behind it! Our Warehousing and Tool Crib teams are responsible for the effective allocation of tools, equipment, consumables, and safety gear. Field Turnarounds are extremely time sensitive, and our mobilization team members must be empowered and enabled to predict and react to ever-changing and demanding situations. Stock is managed to account for variability, and Material Requirements Planning (MRPs) is updated daily to avoid delays and downtime.


Logistics, Transportation, and Material Coordination

Inbound and outbound logistics are critical to the success of time sensitive projects, and that includes the effective coordination of materials and equipment. Altex SCM manages a network of international logistics to ensure timely delivery of orders, both inbound to Altex and outbound to our clients. With an ever-changing world and global supply chain, it’s imperative that we are proactive in the movement of goods.

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