IOL – Kearl, Maintenance (Testimonial)

I wanted to send a quick note to let you know how pleased we have been with the Altex team at Kearl. The last couple of years we have seen tremendous improvement in Altex’s safety culture, quality of work, and adaptability to our ever changing priorities. A few recent examples:

  • Taking care of all others in their work spaces. By this I mean Altex actively works with Summit, Soogadin, and Imperial to achieve a safe work site.
  • Altex has been able to recognize the efficiency and adapt to us pulling TSRU scope ahead, and have adjusted crews and resources to align.
  • Altex has been very open to working with our Imperial team to execute knife gate removals, vessel preps, and vessel closures that make the most sense from a resource capacity stand point.
  • What was once a crew of 20+ days and 20+ nights, is now a lean and mean 13 person crew days only. The crews come in, they work hard, and they repeat.
  • Altex has also been very open to resource utilization. While our lean and mean crew was executing a full inspect, repair and CCO upgrade in 2V-4418, they subtly mixed in a full inspect and repair on 1V-4960. Safe and efficient work execution on both jobs simultaneously.
  • Altex is open to crew schedule changes and priority adjustment for our upcoming K1SD.

There is still a lot of high priority work to do, and the team must not lose focus on the safe execution of upcoming critical tasks, but it is important to pause every now and again and acknowledge great work.

It’s not much but we are going to bring in some pizza and wings for the Altex team this weekend as a thank you from Kearl Plant Maintenance. Most importantly though I wanted you to be aware that we recognize the outstanding performance by Altex and want to express our gratitude.”

IOL – Kearl, Maintenance
Spring 2024