Bundle Handling

Altex Bundle Grapples will completely eliminate damage to Exchanger Tube Bundles as well as save time, money, and labour. Using our customized Bundle Grapples, one man can load or unload a 70,000 pound. tube bundle in under five (5) minutes – damage free.

Crane or Forklift carried manual/radio controlled Bundle Grapples.

Bundle handling on site can be difficult at times. With the Altex Bundle trailer, this task is made simple. Load a bundle directly from one of our Truck Mounted Bundle Pullers onto the Bundle Trailer and then complete bundle maintenance and washing in any location on site. In addition to being able to move a 70,000 pound bundle anywhere on site, the Bundle Trailer is capable of rotating the bundle 360 degrees for complete washing access and it also simplifies maintenance procedures.

The Self-propelled Bundle Puller can pull a 20/50,000 pound bundle and the move it on site without a crane!

Truck Mounted Bundle Pullers
with the capability to pull/push bundles up to 44,000 pounds and a diameter of 78 inches.

Hydraulic Aerial Bundle Pullers
with the capability to pull/push bundles weighing up to 100,000 pound

Fixed [stationary] Bundle Pullers
for tight access locations.

Self-propelled Bundle Pullers
with a capacity of 20,000 pounds in aerial puller mode and 50,000 pounds when on the chassis. This puller is specifically designed for locations with overhead obstruction issues.

Truck Mounted Puller in Action


Shutdowns & Maintenance Field Equipment Bundle Handling

24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year emergency support. If you need it now, we