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Grit Blasting

As your trusted partner in industrial turnaround, field, and specialty services, Altex Industries is committed to offering quality grit blasting services. Our attention to detail, trained and engaged workforce, and modern equipment & processes position us as leaders in our sector. We provide exceptional results to our customers, ensuring that our projects meet quality and service expectations.  Grit blasting is used to clean heat exchanger tubes (in addition to general surfaces), and can remove fouling to restore heat exchanger thermal performance to like-new condition.

Small and Modularized Blast Systems

Altex Industries blast systems are custom built on skids with lugs, wheels, and fork-pockets, that allow for easy handling at site. Our small footprint is a big advantage vs competitors’ truck-based systems, which are cumbersome and costly on turnarounds when space and handling are at a premium.

Choosing Abrasive Media    

Our highly frangible blast media, Enviro-Grit, avoids surface damage. Our extensive understanding of abrasive materials allows us to blend in more aggressive media as needed to meet your distinct needs, ensuring an optimized solution for your project.

Optimizing Nozzles for Exchanger Tubes

We don’t just stop at using the ideal abrasive; we also focus on nozzle selection. Nozzles play a vital role in directing the abrasive material, and they must be correct. At Altex Industries, we use in-house designed and fabricated nozzles that are unique to each specific tube size. Further, our nozzles are mounted to hoses or rigid lances that travel down the full length of the tube, resulting in a more efficient and effective grit-blasting process. Contrast this to our competitors who use a `spray and pray’ method of blasting at the end of the tube (and potentially damaging tubes).

Custom Control Systems    

To ensure we achieve the desired results, our machines use custom-built computer control systems that automate multiple functions. Our experts at Altex Industries have the experience to fine-tune the adjustment process and maintain a steady, consistent abrasive flow, enhancing the quality of our grit blasting services.

Monitoring and Measuring for Precision

At Altex Industries, we believe in a systematic approach to delivering quality services. We continuously monitor and measure the blasting process to ensure that it is achieving the desired results. We make real-time adjustments as needed, reinforcing our commitment to results and customer satisfaction.

Ensuring Safety and Compliance

At Altex Industries, safety is paramount. We are firmly committed to maintaining a safe working environment for our operators and our clients. Our grit blasting operations strictly adhere to industry safety standards and regulations. We continually invest in safety training for our operators, in addition to implementing safety measures such as protective gear and regular equipment checks. Furthermore, our operations are environmentally compliant, minimizing any negative impacts on the environment. With Altex Industries, you can rest assured that our grit blasting services are not only of the highest quality but also safe and environmentally responsible.

Committed to Grit Blasting Operator Excellence

Behind every successful grit blasting job, there’s a well-trained operator. We believe in empowering our operators with proper training and knowledge, ensuring that they understand every facet of the grit blasting process. Our operators are not only equipped to handle the tasks at hand but are also trained to adhere strictly to safety protocols. At Altex Industries, our commitment to operator excellence ensures that we provide the best-in-class grit blasting services while maintaining a safe working environment.

Trust Altex Industries for your grit blasting needs. We are dedicated to providing unrivalled services, ensuring that our customers always receive top-tier results. Get in touch with us to learn more and schedule grit blasting for your project.