Update – Altex Rebranding Announcement


Update – Altex Rebranding Announcement

Altex Industries is updating our branding to reflect our corporate culture and values.

Brand identity is a brand’s visible elements, including colour, design, and logo. It is how a corporation, company, or business presents itself to the public and distinguishes the business in people’s minds. It’s what employees, candidates, customers, and the public sees.

Branding is crucial in aligning our business with customer expectations. It reinforces our corporate strategy and communicates, ‘Why Altex’.

Why Is Altex Rebranding?

  • We have outgrown the original Altex identity and will continue to grow.
  • We differentiate our marketspace
  • We must communicate unified message to both field & shop audiences.
  • We must align our business and offerings with client expectations.

What is Altex's Brand?

Professional, experienced, and trustworthy.

Mission Statement

Life Cycle Support for Heat Transfer Equipment.

Altex Corporate Values:

Great People Work Here
Find a Better Way
Work Safe, Home Safe

Vision Statement

To be the Canadian leader in heat exchanger design, manufacturing, service, and support, achieved with a talented and engaged workforce focused on teamwork. Our facilities, technology and processes will undergo continuous improvement and global benchmarking to meet and exceed our client’s expectations.

Tag Line - Big and Ugly

We love a challenge and we’re here to take care of our customer’s most challenging heat exchanger needs. High-pressure, heavy, large diameter, challenging materials, and/or stringent specifications.

Tag Line - Safe, Boring, and On Time.

Our customers want predictability. They expect us to do the work safely and deliver on time. Not as easy as it sounds – Turnarounds are complicated and ever-evolving. Altex can stand apart from competitors by achieving target dates and proactively managing challenges so our customers can sleep at night.  

This is an evolution building upon a 20-year foundation. Altex Industries already has brand recognition and a great reputation, so we don’t want to confuse our target audience or lose association. The intent is to clarify and focus our branding and messaging so that everyone understands what Altex is and isn’t.

Stay tuned for our updated website later this month!