PRESS RELEASE: Altex Launches NFT Exchanger Division

PRESS RELEASE Altex Launches NFT Exchanger Division

PRESS RELEASE: Altex Launches NFT Exchanger Division



World’s First Manufacturer of Non-Fungible Token Heat Exchangers for The Metaverse


Edmonton, Alberta, April 1, 2022: Altex Industries announces a strategic shift into an exciting new marketspace and digital frontier – blockchain exchanger ownership. Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are transforming the global economy, and Altex Industries is leading the transition into the virtual heat transfer realm.

NFTs are digital assets that exist on the blockchain (a type of digital ledger), and share similarities to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. By transitioning from physical goods to digital ones, Altex Industries will open up new global markets and service entirely new customer segments that traditional heat exchanger suppliers have ignored.

This exciting new product line and division was created to solve a modern problem that affects us all – Supply Chain delays. “Our exchanger deliveries are being impacted by material delays due to a disrupted global supply chain. We can’t solve the global supply chain, but we can altogether avoid Supply Chains.” – Darren Shafer, Director, Sales & BD

In addition to eliminating Supply Chain factors, NFT heat exchanger production does not require other wasteful overheads like Engineering, Quality Control, and Project Management. “Preliminary reports indicate a 99.999995% reduction in shop hours, and we’ve improved our deliveries from 24 weeks down to 24 minutes.” – Ariel Saniel, Manager PMO

In alignment with this new strategic focus, we have updated our logo and branding to bring Altex into compliance with Web 3.0. New website launching mid-April.

For release 9am MST, April 1, 2022.